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Systematized Mangement

Vanimate has implemented a specific management mode for its products and services. It has designated all-round and whole-process management and specified detailed functions for each department, along with specific job responsibilities for each position, to guarantee efficient operation. It has established or purchased a series of professional management systems including the PCS Product Standard Selection System, the PDMS Collection Database Management System, and the PPA Pre-sales Project Program Evaluation System.

Professional Teams

Vanimate has prided itself on its professionalism since the day it was established. It recruits industry professionals with worldwide views who provide strategic solutions for customers. So far, it has established a purchasing team composed of leverl-2 engineers, an evaluation team composed of leverl-1 engineers, and a process service team. Each emplyee at Vanimate has full professional proficiency and excellent skills.

Customized Service

Vanimate’s experienced technical professionals have an accurate grasp customer needs. They provide personalized and specific services, and deliver comprehensive value-added services before, during, and after sales. In addition, we plan to set up offices in customer-rich regions to provide convenient and efficient premium services. Our service criteria are flexibility, convenience and efficiency.

Standardized Products

Vanimate has imposed uniform standards for product control and quality inspections. It continues to make improvements to its product standard selection system, to guarantee the stability and suitability of its product.