Optical Brightener
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  • Optical brightener OB

    Fluorescent whitening agent OB (7128-64-5) is used to whiten polystyrene, ABS resin, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefin and polyester, as well as to whiten cellulose acetate, polymethyl methacrylate and foam leather. Also used in UV-curing coatings, printing ink, varnish, paint, fat, oil, packaging materials.

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  • Optical Brightener OB-1

    Optical brighteners is a complex organic compound with strong fluorescence. Its characteristic is to produce fluorescence excitation of incident light. Vanimate offers VNOB series fluorescent brightener products with good property used on PVC,PVC, PC, polypropylene, nylon and polycarbonate etc.The major properties of optical brighteners include:

    Excellent weather ability;

    High temperature resistance;

    High brightness and strong fluorescence;

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    Used in polyester, nylon fibers and plastics VNOB-1