Titanium Dioxide
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  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide

    Vanimate offers series of rutile titanium dioxide, such as VN-R706 is universal pigment, is widely used in interior and exterior paints, paper, plastic and ink with good optical properties and excellent pigment properties. The major properties of rutile titanium dioxide include:

    Good weather resistance;

    Higher opacity and dispersion;

    Excellent tinting strength and high covering power.

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    Used in plastic VN-R706
  • Anatase Titanium Dioxide

    Vanimate also offers series of anatase titanium dioxide, such as VN-A801, is produced by sulfuric proceed with good pigment properties, are widely for plastic, rubber, ink, paper and paint industry. The major properties of antase titanium dioxide include:

    Good whiteness;

    Easy dispersion;

    High hiding power.

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    Used in plastics VN-A801