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  • Plastic Type CPE

    Vanimate offers several kinds of CPE, including plastic type CPE135A, main application is as modifier impact in PVC products.

    Excellent weather resistance;

    Low temperature resistance;

    Electrical properties;

    Good ozone resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and flame retardancy.

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    Used for rigid PVC products, such as PVC profile, PVC edge strip. VN-CPE135A
  • Rubber Type CPE Elastomer

    Vanimate also supplies rubber type CPE135B, main used as synthetic rubber in wire & cable, hose products.

    Good processing property;

    Excellent weathering resistance;

    Good flex resistance and flame resistance.

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    Used for various flame-retardant wire and cable sheath, water proof sheeting and automobile weather strip. VN-CPE135B
  • Elastomer Special for Magnetic Materials

    CPE130A is a kind of CPE elastomer with high cold-resistance and high filling level, mainly used for magnetic rubber products, such as magnetic rubber sealing strips for refrigerator.

    Excellent acceptance of high filler;

    Excellent low temperature toughness;

    Low temperature resistance;

    Excellent electrical properties.

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    Used for magnetic rubber products and as modifier agent for non-polar rubber. VN-CPE130A