Printing ink for PVC decorative material
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  • VA series printing ink for pvc edge banding

    VA printing ink is mainly used for edge banding printing of PVC mixed extruding or rolling. Combined with glazing on surface or oil polishing on PU. It is widely used for PVC and ABS materials on the surface of various edging decoration materials.

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    Used for printing to curved or rigid surfaces. VNSA-01
    Used for conventional graphic, clothing industry. VNSP-01
  • Printing ink for PVC film

    VPA series printing ink apply to high-end PVC decorating materials(mainly use for the surface of PVC film of cabinet and wooden vein door etc), especially for those designed to meet the demands of high light and heat resistance and mould pressing extension. The product is featured by favorable light resistance, high-pressure fitness(especially applicable for products with high thickness),printing adaptation, little gap before and after heat pressing and color fixation(combined with appropriate solvent) during the printing process, which plays an effective role in reducing products rejection rate.

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  • Printing ink for pvc flooring coils

    VH series applies to top grade PVC floor decorating material, especially to products designed for high heat-resistance and modeling extensions. This product is highly resistant to heat and light, bonding favorably(suitable for multi-layered products with high thickness, clear printing, little color difference before and after heat pressing),little color fading during the printing process(requiring appropriate solvent and printing viscosity),which effectively reduces product rejection rate.

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    Used for the T-shirt textile printing machine and other precision printing Aluminum Frame