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  • DOA

    DOA is the typical cold-resistant plasticizers with high plasticizing efficiency. Its color changes slightly when heated. It is suitable for PVC, EVC, polystyrene and synthetic rubber resins. It can make downstream products soft even at low temperature, having good light-resistance and hand-feeling. It is usually been used with the main plasticizer DOP and DBP for the production of cold-resistant agricultural thin film, frozen foods packaging film, coating layer of wire and cable, artificial leather, board, outdoor water pipe, etc.

    Cold resistance

    Good light-resistance and hand-feeling

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  • DOTP

    DOTP is a sort of high-performance primary plasticizer with good thermal properties. Its volume resistivity is ten-twenty times of DOP's. It is widely used in cable materials, insulating wires, high-grade paint, coating, PVC gloves, artificial leather, etc.. It is the ideal plasticizer for the production of 70 degrees C. cable material and other volatility-resist PVC products.

    Good plasticizing effect

    Low volatility

    Favorable cold-resistance, heat-resistance, extraction-resistance performance

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  • DOP
    DOP is produced by esterifying 2-Ethylhexanol and Phthalic Anhydride. It is transparent liquid. It is highly compatible with PVC, and has excellent plasticizing efficiency and average performance with all kinds of plasticizers. No plasticizer is consunmed more than DOP during PVC processing.

    Excellent plasticizing efficiency;

    Great consumed property;

    Wide application;

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  • DOP

    Dioctyl Phthalate is one of the most important plasticizer, mainly used in the processing of PVC resin and high polymers. Vanimate offers DOP for our customers with excellent performance, the major properties of Dioctyl Phthalate include:

          High plasticizing efficiency and fusion rate;
          Excellent softness and electric property;
          Good low volatility and cold-resisting property;
          Excellent UV-resisting property and water-extracting proof.

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    Used in the processing of PVC resin VNZS-01