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  • Lab Assistant
    1~3 years
    Job Description: Apply For This Position
    1)Participate in the formulation of product R & D project program;
    2)According to the technical research and development implementation plan, on time, quality, quantity to complete the technical research and development work, new product development and improvement experiments;
    3)Discover all kinds of problems and hidden dangers in the process of technology research and development in time, and put forward corresponding solutions;
    4)Testing of experimental samples, collation of test materials, data and editing of R & D documents;
    5)Participate in the trial production of project results, do well data statistics and analysis;
    6)Maintenance and safe use of all laboratory testing instruments and equipment.
    Qualification Conditions:
    1) College degree or above, majored in Polymer or Materials Chemistry;
    2) Be careful, serious and responsible, hard-working, aggressive, have strong hands-on ability, positive work, good team;

  • Sales Assistant
    1~2 years
    Job Description: Apply For This Position
    1) Responsible for production orders, follow up and delivery work;
    2) Responsible for documents production, customs declaration, settlement, after-sales service and other work, maintain communication with customers, transfer the relevant information to the relevant departments of the company;
    3) Responsible for sorting and filing of business related information;
    4) Complete other related work assigned by the leader.
    Qualification Conditions:
    1) Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade or English;
    2) Good oral English communication skills and a certain level of copy writing skills, proficient in the use of all kinds of office software;
    3) Have a good internal communication, coordination and execution skills, practical and serious work, quick and keen to deal with, strong sense of responsibility;
    4) Familiar with the basic flow of foreign trade export, relevant work experience is preferred;
    5) This position can accept new graduates, interns.
  • Product Manager
    3-5 years
    Job Description: Apply For This Position
    Responsible for coordinating office documents management and file management.
    Qualification Conditions:
    Educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above, administrative or related management major.
    Work experience: More than five years relevant work experience, at least three years of work experience in the same post.
    skill requirements:
    1. Government official document work experience is preferred;
    2. Proficient in administrative knowledge, familiar with and master the administrative process and administrative operation mode;