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  • Stearic Acid

    Stearic Acid is a wax-like solid substance,the fundamental process for producing stearic acid is saponification method. VNSA-01 is an internal lubricant, which is used in many applications to improve processing and end product properties.

    Excellent lubricity;

    Good light & heat stability;

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    Used as internal lubricant for PVC products. VNSA-01
  • PE-Wax

    PE-Wax is a high quality polyethylene wax which is produced according to a high pressure polymerisation process, widely used in particular for adjusting viscosity, melting point, adhesion and hardness, widely used in PVC products.

    Excellent lubricity.

    Good cold & heat resistance.

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    Used as external lubricant for PVC products VN-PEW01